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This is where all the sweating happens: in a safe, supportive environment that allows you to experience growth outside of your comfort zone. This space is meant to empower you to create miracles with your body and in your life and we are here everyday to pick you up when you fall and celebrate each other’s successes.





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My Journey with Baptiste Yoga

I started Baptiste Yoga while I was living in Canada, in early January 2014. At the recommendation of a friend, I signed up at Power Yoga Canada (PYC) for a 40 days to Personal Revolution program. I really wanted to loose weight, and my resolution for the New Years was to eat healthier so I thought the 40 days program comes at the perfect timing. Eating healthier and exercising 6 days of yoga weekly seemed to be the perfect match!

I remember my first time stepping in the PYC studio in Oakville. I remember asking myself: “Where am I going? What does is mean this Baptiste Affiliate Studio? Am I entering a sect, a church? This is insane!”. I became skeptical. Nevertheless, since I really valued the opinion of my friend that recommended me this program, I decided to give it a try and stepped inside.