All of our classes are sourced from Baron Baptiste “Journey into Power” sequence, a signature vinyasa flow, and are practiced in a heated room at 30-35C degrees. Our classes are all levels.

Power Flow

Is a sequence of asana practice designed to sculpt your body, challenge your mind and awaken your sacred spirit. The class is 60 min.

Foundations of Flow

Decomposing Journey into Power sequence with the intention to discover more about the practice and yourself. Perfect for beginners, open to all levels.

Power Journey

A 75 min experience of Journey into Power to allow yourself to connect deeper with your body, mind and soul.

Yoga in the Mix

Journey into Power based class on vibrant music with the intention to energize and elevate your spirit.

Deep Flow

An intentional 60 min Deep Flow Yoga class with poses held for longer periods of time with the intention to gain strength and flexibility. Class accompanied by cool music.

Express Flow

A 45 min Journey into Power class to boost your vitality and energy for the rest of the day.

Kids Yoga

60 minute of yoga practice for kids. The class takes place in a non-heated room, kids 4-10 yrs old. Drop-in class, no booking required.

Simultaneously, parents can practice as well in the class held in the hot room.

Private Yoga Class

60 minute of yoga just for yourself. Learn the alignment, modifications and upgrades for your practice through one-on-one detailed attention. Prenatal classes offered as well. Suitable for all levels students. Booking required through email or call: 0758.657.252.

For a package of private classes or group privates, contact us for availability and price offer.