Energy Exchange

Our Energy Exchange team is an integral part of our studio. We are looking for committed individuals who are willing to work hard, have FUN and who are ready to make a real impact in our community.

Our ask of you:

  • Practice at least 2 times per week at the studio
  • 1 hour of practice for 1 hour of work. Each time you practice, work for with us 1/2 hr before the class and 1/2 hr after the class.
  • Your responsibilities will include working the front desk, welcoming and signing students into class, cleaning the studio, laundry etc.

We commit to:

  • Providing you with free unlimited yoga at the studio
  • Making sure you get back more than you give!

If you’re interested in joining our Energy Exchange Team, please fill out our online application here.

We will connect with you within a few days to discuss next steps. We are grateful for your willingness to contribute and grow in a big way!