The practice of Baptiste Yoga transformed us and changed our lives forever.

We are Adriana and Adrian Gheorghiu and we lived an expat life for more than eleven years. Adrian worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder of a Top 500 Forbes global company  while I initiated my own start-up business. We made friends with people from different cultures, experienced various ways of living and we loved savouring different cuisines of the world. Our two boys were born during this journey and they made our life more rewarding, challenging and so much fun!

Our personal transformation began when we first experienced the Baptiste Yoga practice in one of the Power Yoga Canada’s studios in Toronto. This practice empowered us to go beyond what we thought our limits are, helped us to have more meaningful relationships, raised our awareness on how to live a healthier life, and have more patience for our kids. To deepen the knowledge and get better in this practice, we attended several training sessions and boot camp events. We moved home to Romania to open Power Yoga Romania through which we are committed to bring people together, to make everybody feel at home and to empower each other to live our biggest life!

We hope to meet you soon!

Adriana & Adrian