Adriana is a Certified Baptiste Teacher. She completed several trainings with Baron Baptiste, Paige Elenson, Kinndli McCollum and other Senior Baptiste Teachers in the USA, Canada and UK.

Her upbringings in Baptiste Yoga come from Power Yoga Canada. the place where she experienced like never before what truly means to be part of a community and how much more powerful she can be when she’s surrounded by supportive, loving and committed people.

She says that she teaches Baptiste Yoga because it works. It has taught her to love herself just the way she is and it has increased her confidence in being a mom, wife and business woman. But most importantly, it has given her access to build deeper and authentic connections with people around her.

Adriana felt inspired and responsible to move back home to Romania with her husband and share this practice with the people in her country.

Baptiste Yoga has transformed her life and it can transform your life too!


“Life is for Growth!”

Adrian has his “down-to-sea-level” soul from Constanta. After a successful career in corporate life, Adrian brought his international experience and his structured approach to his passion for yoga and growing community!

His classes are challenging, awakening and fun, and, most of all, full of possibility of what would mean to grow into the magic created at the studio.


“Only you can turn your dreams into a reality.”

Alexandra is a complete YES! One day she deleted the word “NO” from her vocabulary and her life became full of possibilities. Since then she continuously dedicated herself to transform people’s lives through yoga, as she managed to transform hers.

Her yoga journey as a teacher started with a 200 hrs Yoga TTC and since then it hasn’t stopped. Thirsty of knowledge, she took Level 1 and Level 2 trainings at Baptiste Institute, that has deepened her practice and also developed her teaching skills. But that doesn’t mean she will stop here, because she considers that life is about always learning new things about you and the others.

Besides her yoga passion, Alexandra also loves to write and she proves it each time she writes beautiful stories on her blog. Another way of showing her artistic way of being is creating wonderful and healing malas, process that she considers to be another form of meditation.

Join her empowering classes and allow yourself to have a breakthrough on the mat, while having fun!


“Always be yourself. Everyone else is already taken!”

One day in her life, Corina said to herself – “I want to be a yoga teacher! “. And her wish was granted. She did her first 200hrs TTC here in Romania, and soon after that she started teaching (mostly for her friends. But her journey didn’t stop here. Immediately she wanted to know more, to experience more, she was thirsty of knowledge and she felt the need to discover her inner voice.

That was the moment when Power Yoga Romania came into her life, the place where she discovered the Baptiste Methodology and she instantly felt in love. She did her 200hrs Baptiste Yoga TTC and now she teaches weekly for a great community of people that support and inspire each other.

But wait, there’s more! Because she wanted to experience yoga at the “source”, she went to India and did her third teacher training at S-VYASA YOGA UNIVERSITY, the place where she learned more about yoga philosophy and about the ways that the science called yoga works. Also, in her one month trip to India, she learned the secrets and practices of Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation, and studied various methods used in the treatment of different body ailments.

If you like to sweat (A LOT), join her powerful classes and get a full body and mind refresh!


“Stop comparing, start living”

Aniela reaches for the stars, but every time lands on the moon. She’s energetic and optimistic and always ready to share that with however gets on the mat.

As an engineer, she is guided by her logical thinking, but as a yoga teacher she is always listening to her heart, being there for people and helping them in listening to their bodies and minds, and in creating the best version of themselves.

Join her classes for her soulful and empowering sessions, that will help you get closer to your goals.



“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Cambell

Eugenia is a sensitive yet powerful woman. She felt in love with Baptiste Yoga from the moment she stepped on the mat and did the practice.

Being in front of the class, teaching yoga, brings her a lot of joy and satisfaction, especially from the authentic connection that she has with the people. She considers vulnerability a quality and likes to practice gratitude daily.

Eugenia says about her that she’s an inspired Baptiste yoga teacher who’s growing every day in the powerful community that she discovered at Power Yoga Romania.  


“You need power, only when you want to do something harmful. Otherwise, love is enough to get everything done.” – Charlie Chaplin

Mother of Sophie, Andra is a real character. And not only because she’s an actress, but also because she loves the role of teaching yoga. Already having a great passion, she was surprised to discover another one in yoga. And besides the passion, she also says that she found an amazing community at Power Yoga Romania, that was gifted to have special people and powerful mentors.

During her journey, she discovered a lot of things about herself, and about the way she looks at the world, and she declares that she is very grateful for the chance that she got: to do what she loves most, creating strong connections with every soul she meets, because, she says “at the end of the day, we’re all in this together”.


“Let go & enjoy the ride!”

Mona is all about ambition! She’s a driven and passionate woman, who’s always in search of inspiration and growth.

She’s dedicated to her practice and teaching, she loves meditating, and when she is not on her mat or in front of the class, she is an active member of the society, helping the ones in need.

Get inspired by Mona by taking her classes, and discover the big and warm heart that she has to share! 


“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” – Lemony Snicket

 Nicoleta graduated “Lead your Life” yoga teacher training in May 2018 and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with Yoga Alliance.

She believes that through a consistent and authentic yoga practice you can shift things in your life to benefit you, find direction, courage, connection and creativity.

She is an active member of the Power Yoga Romania community and is passionate about all sorts of fun and empowering yoga related activities including various workshops and trainings, flash mobs and yoga challenges.

Nico is also an interior designer, graduate of the Bucharest National University of Arts, a passionate Latino dancer and an enthusiastic traveller.


“Born to stand out not to fit in”

Sports is part of my daily life and my biggest passions revolve around trail running, yoga, snowboarding and swimming. But that’s just a preview, given that my sports interest stretches beyond any list. I received a 4-year sports education in high-school and wanted to learn more, so I decided to put in the extra hours. I now have my Fitness Instructor and Nutritionist diplomas, as well as my Yoga Teacher accreditation. Within 9 years of progressive professional experience, I owned positions like the Marketing Manager, Casino Executive Host, Sales and Business Operations Analyst. Also, I tried to bring sports to work and will soon celebrate one year since I was elected the Sports and Wellness Vice President of the Employees Club at the corporation I’m working for.

As you can see, my knowledge and passion for sports is integrated in every part of my life and stands at the core of my professional preferences and personal development. Therefore, I’d be delighted if we could meet at the studio practicing yoga together.