I am a Certified Baptiste Teacher and I have completed several trainings with Baron Baptiste, Paige Elenson, Kinndli McCollum and other Senior Baptiste Teachers in the USA, Canada and UK.

My upbringings in Baptiste Yoga come from Power Yoga Canada. It’s here where I experienced like never before what truly means to be part of a community and how much more powerful I can be when I’m surrounded by supportive, loving and committed people.

I teach Baptiste Yoga because it works. It has taught me to love myself just the way I am and it has increased my confidence in being a mom, wife and business woman and most importantly, it has given me access to build deeper and authentic connections with people around me.

I felt inspired and responsible to move back home to Romania with my husband and share this practice with the people in our country.

Baptiste Yoga has transformed my life and it can transform your life too!


I had a good laugh when I first heard that yoga could help my life…

I started practicing power yoga to stay fit for my tennis games, to improve my patience when playing with my two boys and to find a remedy for my back pain. After practicing for a few years, I have now completed Baptiste Yoga’s Level 1 and 2 teacher training with Baron Baptiste and Paige Elenson.

I’m from the corporate world and worked for 17 years for a global company from Forbes Top 500. After an outstanding career with multiple international assignments and promotions on the corporate ladder, something was still missing for me. Through practicing Baptiste Yoga, it enabled me to find my own growth opportunities in life, work and relationships. With that said, I decided to leave the corporate world to open a yoga studio and to teach a practice that has contributed greatly to my life. In my yoga classes, I teach in a fun and energizing manner balancing the rigor of the corporate business with the yoga principles. I teach power yoga because I can express myself in my most authentic way: full of energy, fun, connected and… organized.


I am from the States, but currently live in Bucharest and I am very excited and happy to join PYRO! I fell in love with Power Yoga back in 2011. As I took my very first Power Yoga class I walked away knowing I have found a place on the mat for my heart and soul.

It was tough, very tough, but I stayed on the mat, somedays mostly in child’s pose, other days playing to my edge. After about a month I decided this is something I want to share with everyone and signed up for the 200 hrs Power Yoga Certification through Down Dog Yoga in Washington DC. I look forward to seeing you on the mat at PYRO.